Hail Repair Brisbane

Brisbane Hail Damage repair

We are one of the leading hail repair companies in Brisbane and we pride ourselves in our work ensuring that we perform quality repairs to vehicles at all times.

We use paintless dent removal (PDR) to remove dents through a process that literally takes minutes or hours in comparison to days of sanding, filling and painting vehicles. We have been repairing damaged vehicles for over 17 years giving us the vital experience needed to cater for all types of damage including hail repairs, from door dings such as shopping trolley dents to large-sized dents.

Dent Removal Brisbane covers all aspects of hail damage. Although we are primarily based in Brisbane, we have the ability to cover the whole of Australia as needed. If you are involved in a hailstorm and your vehicle gets damaged, whether it be small or large dents, we have the necessary experience and the quality to repair you vehicle and return it to you in its original condition.

Before and After Results

Our standards are very high and we treat all customers’ vehicles as if they are our own, no matter how new or old! We pride ourselves on our exceptional quality, which is why insurance companies prefer to use us for paintless dent repair on all hail damaged vehicles, irrelevant of whether it is one retail vehicle or two hundred insurance trade cars. This is because PDR preserves the value of a vehicle by restoring the factory finish.

We can usually get a dent technician to you within 48 hours, providing the customer with complete peace of mind that they are getting first-class dent repairs with a service to match.

So however your dents have arisen and wherever you are in Brisbane, or other parts of Australia, contact us with confidence as we thrive to be the best and are continuously raising the bar in PDR.